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Nike KD

Nike kd the advent of a lot of Nike fans are overjoyed. From the appearance point of view, this type of shoes in the color is more fancy, more in line with the young people's aesthetic. Whether it is red and blue mix, or black and white mix, are not so pure, but the use of a number of additional elements, so that the whole shoe looks more stylish...

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Nike Lebron

Nike Lebron have excellent package, lightweight multi-reverse herringbone design allows the first step to start and change the exceptionally strong, and Air Max 360 air cushion in the fierce confrontation can provide excellent cushioning effect and impact protection , So that both reduce the weight, but also give the most in need of support areas to provide support....

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Nike Kobe

Nike Bryant system by the Nike sports shoes creative director Eric Avar led the design team in close cooperation with Kobe crystallization. At the beginning of the new shoes design, Bryant eager to have a pair of low-help and can adapt to fast play shoes. In addition, this pair of shoes need to be like a part of the feet, there is no negative feeling...

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